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Dena's Story

The tree paintings of Dena Lyons are an explosion of color that dazzle the eye and move the soul. So much so, that a devoted patron once mused how she wished she could just wrap herself in one of Dena’s magnificent canvases. 


And voila! The Dena Lyons Clothing Collection was born. 


This American-born artist roams the, French and Italian countryside on a mission—to find the most lush and unique trees that speak to her heart and ignite her creative passions. 


After capturing the fleeting beauty of a particularly glorious tree in oil on canvas, Lyons sends imagery to artisans in Italy to transform the paintings into fabric. The fine fabric is then sewn into accessories, apparel, and cushions and shipped to boutiques all around the world. 


Dena now invites you to roam through her collection of breathtaking, wearable art to see what speaks to and touches you.