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  • Beautiful cotton silk scarf made in Florence, Italy
  • Fabric is 80% cotton 20% silk
  • This buttery fabric drapes like silk but breathes like cotton
  • Colors which include blue, gray, black, white, yellow, ochre, and pink make this scarf versatile

  • Size 27″ x 70″ (70 x 180 cm)

  • Easy size to wrap around your neck or over your shoulders









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  • To hand wash cotton silk items, fill a basin, bucket, or sink with warm water and a detergent that has low alkaline (like Woolite) or even baby shampoo.  Submerge the scarf and gently twirl underwater for two minutes, making sure the detergent or shampoo has dissipated in the water. Rinse the scarf by then submerging it in clean cold water—rinsing underneath a faucet could cause the material to stretch and fade. Spread the scarf on a large towel, making sure to not pull or stretch the scarf out of shape. Fold the towel over the scarf and press down to rid the scarf of excess water. Hang on a drying rack to let it air-dry (avoid hanging outdoors because the sun could cause color distortion). To restore shine to faded silk scarves, add vinegar to warm water (1 to 4 ratio) and hand wash. Iron on warm setting with steam, not hot, otherwise you might burn the material.

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