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About the Artist

Dena Lyons, is a painter of verdant landscapes ablaze with sylvan splendor and vibrant blooms.  Her decades of experience as a fine artist combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, lead her to transform luxurious fabrics into wearable art.  Based in between South Florida and Europe, Dena merges old and new worlds.  Her paintings are inspired from her summers in France where she treks through the landscapes of Van Gogh and Matisse capturing the lush verdure for her expertly crafted Italian cashmere and silk.

Dena’s entrance into fashion further taps the full range of her talent and unites fine art and fine fabric. Her extraordinary eye and penchant for wielding scintillating color bring art to everyday life and transform the wearer into a walking masterpiece.

About the Collection

Dena brings her arboreal portraits to life by seeking out the finest Como fabrics and the finest Florentine producers in Northern Italy's fashion heartland.  These craft driven firms bring Dena's artwork to life elegantly with intricate detail and vibrant color.  Each item is then hand-finished with care by individual artisans in Italy and the United States.

Dena Lyons playful, sophisticated apparel and accessories are currently sold in select boutiques across Europe and the United States.  Each product line is relaxed in form to flatter any figure and varied in design to suit any taste.  In her collections, Dena Lyons captures the beauty of the natural world and enhances the beauty of the human form. For more details on specific products, services, and relationships please visit the links below:

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